Kailash Deepak Hospital
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Delhi, India
Based in East Delhi, Kailash Deepak Hospital is reputed to be one of the best hospitals in East Delhi, operating with multiple specialties and super-specialties. The hospital is providing excellent healthcare services with the help of its exceptionally talented medical staff and state-of-the-art medical infrastructure. Ranging from cardiac care to cancer treatment, to solve neurological disorders and provide optimal nephrological and urological care, Kailash Deepak Hospital is striving to provide the most comprehensive care at reasonable rates. The hospital works on its mission to extend the reach of its healthcare services to the poorest people and provide lifesaving services at a reasonable cost. Round-the-clock emergency, pharmacy, and ambulance services ensure smooth and efficient patient care. Located in Karkardooma, Kailash Deepak Hospital is one of the best hospitals in Delhi and provides the most comprehensive care to patients with a range of ailments. To cater to the ongoing health crises, the hospital is blessed with all kinds of latest technologies, advanced surgical equipment, and infrastructure in terms of wards, labs, OTs, and physiotherapy centers. Further, laboratories are fully equipped with cutting-edge technologies including scanning machines, computer navigation systems, etc, which make it among the list of top hospitals in Delhi. Kailash Deepak Hospital, being one of the largest hospitals in East Delhi eyeing to add up to 520 beds in the near future as it caters to healthcare services to patients from all over the country. The hospital has well-equipped Critical Care Units (CCUs) with modern-day technologies and equipment such as Ventilators, Defibrillators, Oximeters, Monitors, and Operation Theaters (OTs). These unmatched facilities mark KDH to stand high ensuring international standards of care. Furthermore, the clean and peaceful surroundings, organized procedures, teamwork & coordination among doctors, and minimum waiting time are among our valued services.

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