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What are ethics case studies?

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Ethics case studies are questions that give you with a situation and you have to answer in not further than 250 words what you'll be doing in such a situation. In 2013, UPSC changed the pattern of UPSC CSE Mains. It had designated a whole new paper called General Studies- IV( GS- IV) with the name Ethics, integrity, and aptitude.


 With 250 as the maximum marks, about 120 are brought from the case studies section.

 So, if one has to cost a great score in Mains, one has to pull off brilliant results to the case studies albeit the Ethics paper. The intriguing part is that there's no complete book for Ethics case studies. One may find some rudimentary books but one comprehensive book is n’t available and will noway be available. This makes gathering study material for Ethics delicate.


 In order to master the art of working ethics case studies, I got enrolled in the Ethics GS4 foundation course of Eden IAS. The subject is handled byMr. Tirthankar Roychowdhary.


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What are ethics case studies?

New Delhi, Delhi
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