What approach should I have for a UPSC essay paper?

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Few candidates recognize that concentrating on producing a strong essay is the key to passing the UPSC Mains exam. Often, candidates would skip the essay writing section because they believe that their preparation for the General Studies portion of the exam has adequately prepared them for the UPSC Essay examination. But, in order to succeed in the main exam, you must be familiar with the UPSC exam essay format and preparation methods.
The following are the crucial components that must be focused on when approaching the UPSC essay paper:
carefully read the topics
Approach the essay's major focus by properly highlighting the important points
Try to incorporate current information from government websites as useful information, such as adding data that is driven by the government, such as the percent decline or increase in the sex ratio related to an article about the status of women in society, or you can demonstrate the level of poverty or hunger that is provided on the government website in relation to an essay, etc.
Try to communicate your thought more clearly because "coherence," "language employed," and "effective and exact expression" all contribute to your grade. It actually implies that the writing must be organized so that there is no break in the flow while a beginner reads your article and is able to gradually understand the concept without having a sense of incompleteness. This is true even if there are glaring grammar and spelling errors.

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What approach should I have for a UPSC essay paper?

Central Delhi, Delhi
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