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Stages of TMT Manufacturing

Hyderabad, Andhra Pradesh


TMT Bars or Thermo Mechanically Treated bars have assumed control over the universe of development and as it should be! In addition to the fact that they are a financially reasonable choice they enjoy the benefit of offering unrivaled solidness as well as malleability contrasted with traditional steel bars.

Thier strength and anti corrosive properties can be chalked up to the speical thermomechanical processing that produces steel which has a speical ferrite pearlite core encased in Tempered Martensite. 

TMT Bars are go through below stages of before they get delivered to you.

Stage 1: Sourcing Materials and Processing:

In this stage, huge columes of high grade recycled steel scrap are collected and stored. The amterials are then using either a BOS (basic Oxygen Furnance) or an EAF (Electric Arc Furnance) or the more modern induction Furnance method to adjust the compostion of the steel. 

Depending on the final desired decompostion of the steel, this process can add or remove cerrain chemicals form the metal. 

  1. Land Injection

  2. Ladle Furnance

  3. Stirring

  4. Degassing

  5. CAS-OB

Stage 2: Making steel Billets:

This steel is at long last cast into billets utilizing the consistent projecting cycle. In the process liquid steel is filled molds which then transform the metal into long, rectangular structures called steel billets.

Step3: Making TMT reinforcement barfrom stell billets:

This is Final assembling process That delivers the TMT Steel Bars.

In a Reduction Mill the heated billet goes through three stands - roughing, intermediate and finishing stands, Where the rolling mill reduces the thickness and reduces the thickness and extends the overall length.

When the hot moved bar leaves the last getting done with moving stand it is immediately gone through a water extinguishing framework where water splashes causes the outer layer of the rebars to cool and solidify rapidly. While this quick cooling makes the surface hard, it leaves the inward center hot and pliable.

After the bars go through the extinguishing framework, the center remaining parts hot and keeps on passing this intensity to the external surface - the cycle is called self - treating and transforms the external layer into Tempered Martensite.

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Stages of TMT Manufacturing

Hyderabad, Andhra Pradesh
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