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Pro-excellency Provides IBM QRadar Online Training

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The IBM QRadar is a security information and event management or SIEM product that is designed for enterprises. The tool collects data from the organization and the network
devices. It also connects to the operating systems, host assets, applications, vulnerabilities, user activities, and behaviors.

IBM QRadar is used to perform analysis of the log data and the network flows in real-time so that malicious activities can be
identified and stopped as soon as possible. Thus, the main aim of IBM QRadar is to prevent or minimize the damage to its host organization.

Services offered :

- Comprehensive visibility: The product helps to gain a centralized insight into the data flows, events, and logs on the SaaS (software-as-a-service) and IaaS (infrastructure-as-a-service) environments and on-premises.
- Elimination of manual tasks: All the events in a certain threat can be centrally seen in one place and the expensive manual tracking can be eliminated. Analysts can focus on investigating the matter (security threat), followed by a proper response.
- Easily cater to the compliance protocols: It becomes easier to comply with the international policies and the external regulations that are achieved by leveraging the pre-built reports and templates.
- Real-time threat detection: Out-of-the-box analysis is leveraged that analyzes the network flows and logs automatically and generates proper alerts and the attacks are
then directed via the proper kill chain.

Important aspects of the IBM QRadar SIEM:

- Log activity: Network events can be monitored and displayed in real-time and advanced searches can be performed through the IBM Security QRadar SIEM.
- Assets: QRadar SIEM automatically constructs the asset profiles by using the vulnerability data and passive flow data to discover the hosts and network servers.
- Network activity: The communication sessions between two hosts can be investigated with IBM Security QRadar SIEM.
- Offenses: Offenses for security issues can be investigated by QRadar.
- Data collection: Information in various formats is accepted by the QRadar SIEM from a vast category of devices that include network traffic, security events, and scan results.

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Pro-excellency Provides IBM QRadar Online Training

Bangalore, Karnataka
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