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oracle fusion technical + OIC training course

Hyderabad, Andhra Pradesh


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Oracle Fusion Technical and Oracle Integration Cloud (OIC) are two interconnected components within the Oracle ecosystem. Oracle Fusion Technical encompasses the technical aspects of Oracle Fusion applications, including customization, extension, and integration with other systems. This involves working with tools such as Oracle Application Development Framework (ADF), BI Publisher, and Oracle Fusion Middleware. On the other hand, Oracle Integration Cloud (OIC) is a comprehensive integration platform that enables seamless connectivity between various applications, both cloud-based and on-premises. It facilitates the creation of integrations, data mapping, and process automation across different systems. Training in Oracle Fusion Technical and OIC typically covers areas such as application customization, data integration, and workflow automation. Participants can expect to learn about leveraging OIC for connecting Oracle Fusion applications with other enterprise systems, as well as developing and customizing solutions within the Oracle Fusion environment.

oracle fusion technical + OIC training course

Hyderabad, Andhra Pradesh
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