Jayesh Khagram
Jayesh Khagram Posting for 1+ year
Mumbai, Maharashtra, India
An experienced, hands-on Digital marketing & Ecommerce professional accountable for leading the ‘big idea’ development, execution, and management of innovative, results-oriented, cross-channel digital marketing campaigns and Turnkey Business Solutions . Success and failure are both wonderful. I enjoy them both in the same way. I celebrate both. One gives pleasure and one gives a reason to learn. With binary I am on a never ending saga of creative adventure. With me as a captian i always yearn to inspire the sailors i have on the board but very often i get inspired by them. I am poised to create more avenues for business development, overall management of binary. I spend more time on interacting with increasing number of binary partners. My crucial task of business development is charting out growth opportunities for brands that believe in binary. I do so by unblocking more & more possibility channels for my clients. Specialties: • Digital Strategy • Digital Marketing • Digital Transformation • Digital Commerce • Inbound Marketing

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