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Live streaming platform: how to find the best one for you

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What is live streaming?
Most of us are usually unaware of what live streaming is and how to start live streaming; let me tell you guys. Live Streaming refers to transmitting or receiving live video and audio coverage of any event over the internet.

What are live streaming platforms?
There is a huge variety of live streaming platforms which provide you with all the information and tea about the specific event you want to know or a show you want to watch such as YouTube, Twitter, LinkedIn, twitch, and much more. Moreover, is a platform that provides online gaming streaming where you can live stream your games and play online games.

Where the problem arises is how to find an open live streaming platform or how to start live streaming. Because live streaming isn't only for any specific show/event, perhaps live streaming has so many other media records. This generation is mostly involved in gaming and gaming videos. Teenagers have started streaming their gaming skills online to provide others a way of fun and entertainment and to teach their skills to people who don't know how to play or how to start their own gaming channel. People have started to earn from these rather online platforms and websites.

How to find the best online streaming platform :
Identify your core target Audience
Define your goals
Research your competitors
Align your goals with features you need

Here at, we provide you with the best online gaming streaming, which you can use freely to play games and have fun.

Live streaming platform: how to find the best one for you

Chandigarh, Chandigarh
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